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Two gardens in one backyard.

Why have one backyard garden when you can have two? This question was the inspiration for the latest creation from Nick Pearson Landscape Design. His design creates two distinctly different gardens next to each other with a common flow, and some very creative ideas. Nicks designs include many small details which leave a finished result which can only be described as breathtaking. The first detail which is difficult to see unless you are directly above the garden can be found in the formal area. The design required a long central (continue reading…)

New Website

Many things can change in a decade, and our business is no exception. Over the last ten years we have introduced new products and services into our portfolio, we have improved on old products and discovered innovative new uses for products we have been using for over thirty years. With all this change and improvement going on, one thing has been surprisingly, and unfortunately, static. Our website has not been updated in over a decade, and despite its success was really starting to show its age. So welcome to the (continue reading…)

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