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Irrigation systems have long been a problem for water loss. Large scale irrigation water transport canals have for years been made of concrete, and the thermal expansion of these canals along with the soil movement around them have caused them to crack and subsequently leak.

Although the best solution is to replace these canals altogether with underground piping (therby eliminating evaporation) it is usually prohibitively expensive. This is where Membranes Australia can step in and help.

The most economical option is to install a liner over the damaged area and mechanically fix it at both ends, while burying the top edges. This allows you to line the worst leaking areas first, and eventually line the entire canal when time and finances permit. These canals can be as small or as large as you like. We have successfully installed hundreds of kilometres of canal lining throughout Australasia and saved an immeasurable amount of water in the process.

The second solution we offer is custom made lay flat tubing. This tubing can be manufactured in any diameter you choose and can simply be laid into the canal and connected to an inlet and outlet point.